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it's rachey, bitch!

he broke my heart so i broke his legs

8 December 1985
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24 hour walmarts, 99c margaritas in vegas, abandoned villages, animal attack survival stories, baking delicious carby things, bandage cows (belted galloway), being a total homebody, being madly in love, bridezilla ho's, britney's meltdown and comeback, browsing at video ezy, cable tv, carrot cake, cartoons, celebrities with cellulite, cheesy christmas decorations, cherry beer with cherries, chihuahuas, city lights at night, coffee, coloured ink pens, cooking shows on tv, country western themed bars, crispy bedsheets, cute little solvang houses, dachsunds, documentaries, dog shows, dressing for winter, driving aimlessly, drowning food in ketchup, duty-free shopping in airports, exercise- although it sucks, farm animals, festive holidays, finding the best deals, frozen cookie dough, geology, giraffes, girly things, grafton, half-off sales, handbag dogs, hedge fences, hello kitty, hot showers in winter, huge shopping malls, ice sculptures, interesting news stories, just hanging around chilling, las vegas, lightning storms, little paper cocktail umbrellas, living frugal, living in the countryside, magazines with puzzles, make up, makeovers, maps of the world, martha stewart's home-making wisdom, mini golf, mini spring rolls, non-fiction horror stories, old buildings, online shopping, oprah's jejunum, oregon, paddleboats, parks with lakes, pink (the colour), puppies, quaint old historical towns, quizzes and surveys, rainforest adventures, rainy days, rainy nights, road trips, saturday mornings, seelands, shiny sparkly things, shopping, sleeping in til 10, snowmen, soapy tv drama, stationery, stickers, telling ridiculously lame jokes, thrifty spending, top gear, trampolines, trashy day time tv, trashy late night tv, trashy tv in general, travelling far and wide, usa, vodka laced pasta, wasting time on twitter, white chocolate, wide open spaces, wife-swap for the lulz, winter sports